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  • Aggarwalnidhi

    How long do I have to complete a lab?

  • Jitesh Shetty

    Labs vary in length. You have the lab until the duration time expires. Duration time is set by lab creators. Self-pace labs are usually between 1-3 hours.


    I get this error when trying to "Use Subscription" to start a lab (that costs 10 credits):

    • Sorry, cannot start lab. Policy document must be version 2012-10-17 or greater. for ql-saas-aws vpc.


    I completed several labs already today. Not sure why I cannot start the next. I have a monthly subscription so it shouldn't be an issue of credits available. 

  • tim seest

    I'm on lab 3 of the aws solutions arch associate qwest.  I create the two elb boxes as instructed but they are not reachable on port 80 afterwards via the public dns.  i just get site not found.

  • Andreas Maunz

    Is it also possible to run labs on Google Cloud?

  • Ari Adelberg

    Will you be creating a lab for AWS Macie? Thanks!

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